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Road Train

Directed by: Dean Francis

Four young friends on a camping adventure in outback Australia are run off the road by a road train – a massive and unrelenting two-trailer truck.

Stranded amongst the wreckage of the near fatal crash, their only option is to approach
the road train, now standing parked in the near distance. But the driver’s seat is empty
and the truck appears abandoned. When gunshots break the silence they commandeer the monstrous vehicle and take to the road.

They soon discover that what lies inside the trailers will prove more terrifying than
anything they’ve experienced. The next town is only three hours away…but the next town is somewhere they might never reach.

Intensive and action packed “Road Train” is a trip into madness and murder.

Retitled ‘Road Kill’  for the North American market,  the film was released in 3,500 Blockbuster outlets in the US and Canada as well as on VOD and online.

Winner – 2011 APRA-AGSC Screen Music Award for Best Soundtrack Album (Rafael May)

Australian distributor – Pinnacle Films. www.pinnaclefilms.com.au
Worldwide sales – Lightning Entertainment. www.lightning-ent.com

Cast – Xavier Samuel, Bob Morley, Sophie Lowe, Georgina Haig, David Argue
Writer – Clive Hopkins
Producer – Michael Robertson
Executive Producers – Michael Baskin & Janine Pearce
Director of Photography – Carl Robertson, ACS
Production Designer – Ian Jobson
Music Composer – Rafael May
Film Editor – Rodrigo Balart
Casting – Anousha Zarkesh

Filmed in the Flinders Ranges and at Brukunga & Nairne , South Australia.

In memory of our friend Mick Aitken.

“Larger than life storyline, sweeping cinematography and pulsating score places it squarely amongst the teen-aimed horror films that dominate the US market….”

“Award-winning short-film director clearly knows his craft and watching “Road Train”,
I was reminded of the early work of Hollywood directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Jonathan Demme, Martin Scorsese & Spielberg”.
– THE AUSTRALIAN, David Stratton

“Francis positively relishes taking his viewers on deranged, demonic detours down uncharted byroads of body horror, too, with grand guignol as icky as it is
utterly irrational…The film’s epic brand of intimacy is mirrored by some breathtaking cinematographic vistas”
– EYE FOR FILM, Anton Bitel

“An outback “Duel” with all the hallmarks of great Ozploitation – terrific road action stunts, gorgeous scenery, unpredictable characters…priceless”

“Dean Francis puts his own dark, twisted spin on the Australian horror genre with the whiteknuckle death ride that is “Road Train”.
– FilmINK, Erin Free

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