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The Detective

Director: Alister Grierson

Detective Jack Larsson, an Australian Federal Police detective, is sent to Kandahar, Afghanistan to bring back his former partner’s body. Paul Reeves was training the Afghanis in modern police methods when, according to authorities, he took his own life. Larsson soon suspects that Reeves was murdered and that his death is connected to the massacre in a village outside the city, where the local farmers grow poppies for the heroin trade.

Accused of falsifying police evidence back in Australia, Larsson’s instructions from his superiors were clear, he was not to make ‘waves’. With no jurisdiction he soon finds himself out of his depth in a city where chaos and death are a minute by minute occurrence.

His only ally is Rashida Ashruf, the young Muslim female police cadet that Reeves was mentoring. Like Larsson she follows her own path, even while facing family pressure and Afghani society over her career choice.

Larsson soon begins to mistrust those around him, particularly Hamidy the Chief of Police, who he suspects had a hand in covering up Reeves’ death. Even the friendly faces give him cause for concern, from American operative, Mike Shirovsky to Nicky Galvin a CNN journalist, who warns him that Kandahar is a dangerous place and walking the streets and asking questions is enough to get a man killed.

In a city plagued by war, ripped apart by suicide bombers, drug lords and Islamic extremism, Larsson and Rashida form an uneasy alliance, as they manoeuvre around the US military forces and the Taliban in their quest to discover the truth about the village massacre and Paul Reeves’death.

Screenplay by – Alister Grierson, Roger Joyce & Gary Young

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