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The Fallen

Directed by: Nick Robertson

In the Afghan desert Australian soldier SERGEANT JILL MANNING leads a squad on a mission to construct security bunkers for a new Green Zone.

She is joined by DALTON SCHULTZ, and a naive young recruity, KRIS LEFFERSON, who can’t understand why there’s a rift dividing Manning and Schultz… something to do with a tragic incident during an earlier mission.

When Manning discovers a wounded Afghani girl wandering in the desert she is determined to get her to safety and orders her team to assist. But when a group of insurgents attack, Manning and her squad are all killed…Manning suddenly wakes to find the previous day’s events repeating.

Before she can convince her squad what is happening they discover the wounded girl and they are again killed.

When she wakes to a time-loop of the same events her fears are quickly realised! She is trapped in an endless cycle of suffering and death where Schultz appears to sabotage all attempts to break the cycle.

With the insurgents threatening to attack at any moment their efforts to escape with the girl stall as the landscape begins to toy with their equipment and a haunting and monstrous call from deep within the desert terrorizes them.

As she struggles to retain her sanity Manning’s hopes for escape and redemption fade. She must discover the cause of the time loop and break it in order to free her squad, rescue the girl and make it home alive.


Director – Nick Robertson
Written by – Evan Randall Green
Producers – Michael Robertson and Chris Wheeldon
Executive Producer – Murray Pope
Executive Producer – Elliot D Yancey
Casting – Faith Martin

Developed with the assistance of Screen Queensland

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