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Directed by: Antony. J. Bowman

A warm-hearted musical  comedy set in the historic Australian fishing town of Stormy Bay.‘ Jules Orwell has a life-long obsession with Australian music and runs a cafe called “The Paradise”.  It is a shrine to the fabulous iconic Australian band SHERBET.

Jules’s daughter, Natalie works as a waitress in “The Paradise”. This mother-daughter relationship is forever strained and ultimately put to the test when the harmony of the town is threatened by a giant mining company’s plans to demolish the historic town, dredge the pristine bay and build a massive coal-loading facility. At risk is a unique marine environment and and an idyllic lifestyle that has survived harmoniously for generations…till now!

Jules and the townsfolk of Stormy Bay use the power of music in their struggle to beat the ruthless mining giants, who are determined to win at any cost!

“Paradise” mixes loyalty, friendship and unrequited love with a splash of well known music.

An international story about fighting for your dreams…a small seaside town bonded by music, unwittingly become the symbol of inspiration for every ‘Stormy Bay’ around the world, as they fight to save their town, their lives and their piece of paradise.

Writer/Director – Antony. J. Bowman
Producer – Michael Robertson
Executive Producer – Robert Slaviero
Casting – Faith Martin

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