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Directed by: Alister Grierson

SUBMERGED is a claustrophobic deep-sea journey following two underwater internet cable technicians. A disgraced ex-astronaut and his fiery young rookie partner descend under crushing atmospheres of pressure to the near-lifeless darkness of the Pacific Ocean floor to make repairs to a damaged cable they discover has been deliberately cut.

When their submersibles are attacked by a bizarre undersea creature and infested with fast-growing, tumour-like polyps, they come to realize that they have become instrumental in a plan for this life form to reach the surface and propagate by a violent and virulent alien that has crashed to earth on the wreckage of a manned space shuttle.

And if the assault by the extraterrestrial mutant isn’t ominous enough, they are informed by the Persephone (their ocean support ship) – that unmarked and heavily armed helicopters are buzzing their defenceless ship.

Shortly after, the two technicians lose radio contact with the Persephone…

Now, with oxygen running out and caught between the creature on the ocean floor and the military forces closing in on their surface ship to cover-up the shuttle crash and destroy not just the alien organism but anyone potentially infected by it, our men are literally trapped between a devil and the deep blue sea…


Director - Alister Grierson
Producer - Michael Robertson & Ross Howden
Executive Producers - Sean Lydiard & Jim Steele
Writers - Shayne Armstrong, S.P. Krause & Noel O'Riordan

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    Coming Soon.

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